5 Steps to Ensuring you have the Perfect Vacation

  1. Pick the perfect destination for you: This could be a tropical beach or island, city, mountain, woods, or small town. A great way to figure out where you should travel to next is by talking to family and friends, looking at past experiences, and by looking through travel blogs. Check out this list of the top 50 travel blogs: http://www.theexpeditioner.com/the-top-50-travel-blogs/
  2. Create a budget: A vacation is one of the best ways to spoil yourself, but you should be careful not to go overboard when paying for your trip. It’s important to create a budget from the start so you don’t pay too much when paying for travel arrangements and accommodations. Be sure to leave enough in your budget for food, shopping, and events. Check out these budget tips for more information: https://www.ricksteves.com/travel-tips/money/thrifty-50-tips
  3. Book your travel arrangements and accommodations: Book your flight, train, or bus at the same time you book your hotel, villa, cabin, or resort. And be sure to make these arrangements far enough in advance to make sure you can go on the dates you want. To make sure you get the best prices, check out deals offered by airlines, hotels, and resorts. There a a lot of services that help you book your trip in place, like Expedia, Kayak, and Travelocity. For more information read this article: http://traveltips.usatoday.com/travel-arrangements-13279.html
  4. Plan out your travel day(s): Get to the airport or station early, or if you’re going by car check out the traffic and make alternative routes.  Depending on where you plan to vacation you may be in for a long day of traveling. Travel can be stressful so pack things to you or family entertained and relaxed, these can be books, games, and mobile devices like laptops, iPads, and tablets
  5. Enjoy!: This is your vacation, do whatever makes you happy, that could be shopping, relaxing by the beach or pool, hiking, or visiting museums. There is no wrong way to enjoy a vacation

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