Mission Statement:

First Resort PR is an up in coming public relations agency based out of Richmond, Virginia, with partner offices in Atlanta; Miami; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Oaxaca, Mexico, and Panama City, Panama. We specialize in working with hotels and resorts around the South Eastern United States and in Central America in order to help our clients provide a wonderful vacation experience for their customers. What sets our agency apart from others is that we are founded and staffed with former members of the hospitality industry. Our founding staff understands the needs of the modern hospitality industry, with ten years of combined experience in the field.

With a combined strategy of digital marketing, event planning, and social media content curation; our services aim to increase your brand’s searchability, so that your hotel or resort is the first stop for your customer’s dream vacation.

With our agency we will:

  • Increase your online presence on Social Media.

Social media is king in this industry. More and more bookings are being made on social media, and from multi-national corporations to independently run hotels, social media can carry a brand. Our agency will help curate content on your social media channels, interact with customers, and create content for the social media user.

  • Establish lasting relationships between your brand and media outlets.

Our agency is staffed by professionals with media contacts spanning several countries to bring you an international audience. Some of our contacts include The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, and the Atlanta

  • Create content to attract both the business and leisure customer.

We will make sure that your brand can attract the two biggest audiences you may have: business and leisure consumers. We plan to make content to showcase your amenities to the world.

At First Resort PR, we work so you can be the first stop for your dream vacation.



Company Bios:

fullsizerender  Jose Panbehchi- Co-Founder

Jose Panbehchi, co-founder of First Resort PR, is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where he received a degree in Public Relations, with a focus on the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. He has worked in hotels and resorts in Williamsburg, Virginia, most notably Great Wolf Lodge and Marriott in both the capacity of general staff, social media coordinator, and event planner. Jose co-founded First Resort PR with Elizabeth Leussing in 2015, and has spent the past year establishing a partnership with Hilton.

Contact Jose at: josepanbehchi@gmail.com

fullsizerender Elizabeth Leussing- Co-Founder

Elizabeth Leussing is the co-founder of First Resort PR. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a major in public relations and a minor in general business. She discovered an interest in the tourism and hospitality industries in part because of the many trips she had gone on with her family, but especially after taking a course in this subject. She then decided to make a career solely based in the tourism and hospitality industry, using the skills she learned from her major and minor to create a successful public relations firm.

Contact Elizabeth at: elizabeth.leussing@gmail.com